Optimized technology solutions for global organizations

As the world’s leading network and technology provider for connecting and securing complex, distributed sites and operational assets; Viasat provides optimized solutions that deliver competitive advantages.


  • Proven leader for remote site communications

    With over 1,200 onshore and offshore sites deployed around the globe, Viasat is the world’s leading provider of secure communications networking solutions for remote exploration & drilling.

  • World-Class systems integration services

    Viasat provides Systems Integration (SI) services that can be customized for the deployment of communications systems for global connectivity.


  • Unmatched cybersecurity for remote locations

    Viasat provides the monitoring, tools, and support to protect your remote network and site data.

  • Real-Time analytics from distributed assets

    Capture real-time operational intelligence from previously inaccessible site data with Intelie Live by Viasat, the market-leading machine learning-based analytics platform.

  • Bandwidth-Optimized OTT solutions

    Extend the value of your Viasat network with a full portfolio of bandwidth-optimized OTT applications, designed to enhance safety, security, and morale.


  • Seamless remote asset monitoring & management.

    Monitor and manage your distributed assets and network terminals, with integrated Viasat’s IIoT network management applications.

  • Best network performance. Regardless of location.

    Our multi-network coverage spanning the globe provides capabilities that deliver superior performance and uptime for your applications, even at your most challenging site locations.

  • Industry-leading systems integration and automation

    Viasat provides best-in class vendor agnostic deployment of communications systems during capital construction projects at remote locations worldwide.

  • Activate intelligent operational analytics

    Leverage big data from your Viasat IIoT network to power intelligent, machine learning analytics that improve site performance and reduce operational risk.

  • Premium end-to-end managed services

    Let Viasat manage the complexity of your day-to-day IIoT network operations, with full-lifecycle, “sensor-to-server” managed services.


  • Best-In-Class deployment of communications systems

    Our team brings overwhelming experience in the deployment of vendor-agnostic communications systems during capital construction projects focused on global connectivity/systems integration.

  • Specialized unmatched technical support

    Viasat’s Technical Services and Onsite Maintenance provides specialized telecoms support to the global oil and gas industry using our complete knowledge and command of oil and gas telecom standards, requirements, licenses, and regulations.

  • Cybersecurity protection for network and data security

    Only Viasat offers industry-leading security across your remote assets and networks, that inter-operates seamlessly with any network – satellite, fixed broadband, MPLS, SD-WAN, cellular/wireless, and more.

  • Specialized apps and services for safety and security

    Viasat offers a diversified line of advanced products and services that improve safety, security, and maintenance at challenging remote locations.


  • IIoT-based asset tracking and intelligence

    Viasat’s asset tracking solutions helps companies increase service life, maintain HSE compliance, and maximize ROI.

  • Premium end-to-end managed services

    Let Viasat manage the complexity of your day-to-day IIoT network operations, with full-lifecycle, “sensor-to-server” managed services.