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Experience delivering on passenger expectations

Viasat’s network is built to support the rising data requirements of the latest internet trends, even at 35,000 feet.

Today’s passengers don’t just expect connectivity in the air – they expect a connected experience that mirrors what they are accustomed to on the ground. As a full-service ISP, with residential and community users around the globe, Viasat understands consumer behavior across the user spectrum, and offers a fully vertically-integrated product portfolio to better serve them

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Viasat offers in-flight internet you can rely on now and in the future.

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Viasat delivers content passengers want, on the highest capacity satellite network.

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Realize the full potential of your inflight advertising program with Viasat.

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Passenger Experience


Offer a unique and dynamic onboard Wi-Fi experience for today’s connected consumer.

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Flight Operations


Harness the power of connectivity with Viasat to optimize flight operations.

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Support Services


Total care support services for aviation customers. 

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End-to-end integration delivers a best-in-class experience

Viasat’s end-to-end technology integration allows us to extract maximum capacity and efficiencies from our network. Our approach provides complete visibility and control of network operations, ensuring the reliability and availability of our in-flight Wi-Fi solutions.

Flat map of the world demonstrating Viasat's current and future Ka coverage, coverage approximate and subject to change

Roadmap to the world's highest capacity satellite network

Viasat has a history of delivering on bold promises, delivering unprecedented bandwidth with each new generation of Viasat satellites. Viasat’s new generation satellite constellation, ViaSat-3, will extend high-capacity coverage around the world, with more than 1Tbps of capacity available per satellite.

European Aviation Network (EAN)

The European Aviation Network (EAN) is Viasat's in-flight connectivity system designed for airlines to service short haul flights prevalent in Europe's skies. It combines Viasat's S-band satellite coverage with a complementary ground network component operated by Deutsche Telekom. While ensuring a reliable broadband service that supports streaming and other high bandwidth requirements, the EAN provides additional value to airlines through the employment of small, low weight, low drag terminals, enabling cost-savings and advancing sustainability initiatives.

Experience capacity unleashed

How does Viasat provide connectivity that meets the big demands of today's world on the move? It's all about delivering capacity when and where it's needed most. Take a closer look with Viasat's interactive application, Capacity Unleashed.

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Serving leading commercial airlines worldwide

We are proud to work with airlines around the world, to elevate the passenger journey and optimize airline operations.

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